Thursday, June 6, 2013

How To Root Android Device

The Android Device owners may also want to root their device. So we thought of giving you a tutorial of how to root your Android Device. With rooted Android Device you can do many things like upgrade your Android Device to new version of android operating system, installing lots of cool applications for rooted device only and many more. Your Android Device will have more feature, more secure, more fast performance, and more cool. Just before beginning to root your Android Device, don’t forget to backup your information, as contacts, text messages and the apps installed from Google Play Store who maybe lost when the rooting process finishes. Now let’s see how to root your Android Device.

You will need 3 things for this step :

1. Special SuperOneClick software for Android Device. Download link is at the bottom of this article.
2. JAVA SDK. Not Runtime but Full SDK (JDK). Download link is at the bottom of this article.
3. .Net Framework at least Version 2.0. Download link is at the bottom of this article.

Install the JAVA first. Install .Net if applicable. Then unzip/unrar the SuperOneClick to any folder.
Let’s start with Second Step. Connect the Phone to PC but NOT in USB mode. Phone should be in “Connect Phone” or “Modem Mode”. Now run SuperOneClick.exe on your PC. This screen will appear with Numerous Options. Don’t Bother.
Now, Click the Root Button
Pay attention here. Phone will go in firmware mode and system will push the ADB and some other files to your phone. Enjoy the High-Tech language and other things on Screen.
After it’s done, disconnect.  Now, restart the phone. After being successful you will get SuperUser Icon on Cell phone. You are done! Congratulation.
You can unroot your phone in the same procedure following the step 1 or 2, depending on what you have followed to root.